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Self Mastery: Through Guided Meditation

  • Access the enormous power within to awaken your sleeping giant
  • Learn how to live from the core of your being
  • Cultivate self-acceptance and self-reliance
  • Beyond your body-mind healing connection

Anatomy of the Soul


Holistic Healing occurs when the body, mind, soul and spirit are working together simultaneously. When this alignment is restored, you’ll move beyond the body-mind connection into the unlimited scope of your spirit. Spirit is a powerful force that ignites your passion and drives your will to succeed while you remain centered and calm within your core. It is this dynamic state of wholeness which activates the Law of Attraction to consistently manifest your goals effortlessly. Living in the moment from a state of wholeness strengthens and sustain your trust in yourself. Trust is essential to remain in the flow and thoroughly enjoy the journey.

Getting Past The Ego


The ego is a tough nut to crack. It is the source of so much unhappiness and a detriment to spiritual growth. It is the pretender self, driven to please everyone else for fear of not being accepted or loved. The art of surrender is a process of letting go of what you’re not, to be who you truly are. Learn how to surrender the ego and enter into your subconscious mind to connect with your authentic self. Once there, your ego begins to shrink. It no longer has control over you and the compulsive chatter of your mind ceases. From this point of stillness within the deeper mind, you’re able to understand and accept your life lessons and activate the healing power that can and will transform your consciousness. By centering in the core of your being, you are able to recreate your reality through the power of your belief. Here you attune to the natural rhythms of life and flow into the well of your soul where true healing takes place and where you begin to awaken spiritually.

Achieving inner peace


The goal of inner work is to achieve self-mastery. By attaining inner peace you can open to higher states of consciousness that bring about the clarity of mind and true vision to realize your highest potential. The incredible benefit of this work is an empowering experience of self-acceptance, self-reliance, and an enormous sense of freedom in living your life fearlessly.

Thyroid Healing & More


Guided mediations have become a popular method of choice to help manage stress and overcome anxiety in our hyperactive lives. There are no known negative side effects whatsoever and you do not need to know how to meditate. Just listen to the easy to follow prompts and they will take you into a deep meditative state. Studies have proven that meditating boosts immune function and can lift you from depression into happiness. Guided Meditation is being used by chronic disease sufferers to improve health from a holistic perspective, and is even now empowering women to restore a healthy thyroid function as well as resetting hormonal balance.

Nourishing your soul


You were meant to live from your heart, not your head. Our audio programs are designed to help you to open your heart. For therein lies your life purpose, your passion to dream and your courage to love. Love is your essence and the alchemical force to heal your soul. Loving yourself silences the inner critic and fosters a greater self-worth. It allows you to sustain a positive mental outlook while attaining inner contentment, and a greater enthusiasm in daily living. Change your heart and you’ll change your belief. Change your belief and you’ll change your mind. Change your mind ¬†you’ll transform your life.

Awakening DNA


So whether you desire to end the struggle with your self-image, self-worth, love, lack, career or success, meditation can help you take back your power to achieve your dreams. And here’s the the jewel in the crown: There is much scientific research to validate that daily meditation can even evolve your DNA. That has profound ramifications for healing on deep cellular level and for being fulfilled in so many ways which include: slowing down your aging process, looking and feeling your best, and growing your humanity as you live a more spirited and compassionate life.

Learning to meditate is the most important investment you will make in yourself. This is not a quick fix. It is experiential work that is transformative and lasting on a deep soul level and absolutely worthy of your time and commitment. With regular daily practice, guided meditation can help you achieve enormous growth, and ultimately an all embracing acceptance of yourself.

All guided meditation programs are written and spoken by Demo DiMartile. The accompanying music is composed by Dina Alexander. The blend of Demo’s soothing vocal presence with binaural technology guides you back home to the place within where true power and peace reside.

Advanced teachings for ascension


Awakening the sleeping giant: See Seminars under Products and Services.

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