Our Mission

Our mission is to lead you into a greater spiritual awakening. We are here to inspire you to remember who you truly are and to assist you in bringing forth that which you already know but have long forgotten. We will show you the way through the sacred heart to reclaim the enormous power of love that will heal the hurts, transform the fear, and uplift your life.

Our Commitment

“Our commitment to you is to serve your spiritual evolution and self-empowerment. We will show you how to connect with your higher self so that you may walk this Earth at peace with yourself as you return home to the magnificence of your being.”

~ Demo DiMartile


Demo DiMartile is the founder of One Light One Spirit, which offers a transformational life path to inner peace and self-empowerment.

He has created a series of life-enhancing meditations and seminars designed to encourage individuals to reconnect to their core essence of love and joy and to experience inner fulfillment. Love and joy are the foundation of life and essential for supporting a purposeful, productive and prosperous journey.

Demo is best known for his guided meditations that integrate the mind-body-spirit
to promote and sustain self-healing and well-being on all levels. He created the groundbreaking OLOS Guided Thyroid Meditation for healing thyroid disease while transforming stress into well-being, and Hormonal Balance Meditation to restore peace, power, and balance for women throughout all stages of hormonal change. He has over 40 years of experience as a transformational healer and a meditation teacher.

He was trained extensively in the uses of hypnotherapy to address the root cause of disease and to energetically restore balance on a subconscious level. He mentored with hypnotherapist Florence Lewis, and studied the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual applications of hypnosis for a dynamic realignment with soul power.

Demo studied the Hawaiian Healing Tradition for achieving oneness with Kahuna Morrnah Simeona. It is a liberating process for releasing blockages on a soul level, while integrating and mastering all three aspects of the mind for self-reliance and self-fulfillment.

He has lived in an ashram, where he practiced and taught Kundalini Meditation for spiritual development and awakening the inner light.

His work provides a transformational life path for achieving optimal health and bridges the gap between the Eastern and Western approaches to self-realization. It is a fusion of universal teachings facilitating a return to a more natural way of living and thriving.

“I had the unique opportunity to work with Demo DiMartile during a time in my life when I needed more than a psychological perspective in understanding myself. He had the ability to peer deeply into my soul to reveal the profound and hidden aspects of myself. His easy access to the realms of infinite Spirit quickened within me a profound, life-changing spiritual awakening. He is an elder, an awakener, a true healer. Steeped in the ancient mystical traditions of perception, his work weaves a masterful tapestry of insight and inspiration.”

~ Claudia Ascione, Homeopathic Consultant