Our Spiritual Evolution

The Unfolding of the Divine Plan

There is a deep longing in every heart to return to the ways that empower our soul and renew our spirit. Millions of people from all walks of life are flocking to meditation as the way of restoring inner peace and authenticity in overcoming life’s constant stress. And that has created a huge shift in our awareness that will forever change the face of humanity and our earth.

We are in the midst of the great spiritual awakening of human consciousness. It is unlike anything humanity has ever experienced. The worldwide economic struggle, hunger, poverty, the incessant pollution of our eco-system, lack of compassion in resolving quality of life issues, the blatant denial of human rights and misuse of power represents thousands of years of karmic subjugation working itself out. Yet despite all this, we are rapidly moving from the darkness into the light, and it is essential to keep our collective focus upon our spiritual evolution.

Peace is the way through our present-day instability, upheaval and internal struggles. Peace dissolves fear and the dreaded sense of powerlessness. Peace is the cornerstone of true power and it is attained through meditation. By cultivating inner peace, we obtain a clear and balanced perspective to fulfill our human destiny and our spiritual promise. It is our sacred duty to bring peace to our planet for the health and well-being of all of us. Earth is in our hands, and we must be conscientious stewards protecting the land. As we go, so does Mother Earth – we are intrinsically connected and belong together. No longer can we allow ourselves to be controlled by the greed of self-serving egos bent on the destruction of life at any cost. With responsibility comes accountability. In order to change our external world, we have to change our belief about who we are, what our common purpose is in being here, and evolve out of the dark daze into our spiritual destiny.

We must remember that we are evolving our souls through the human experience. If we limit our identity to being just human, we disconnect ourselves from the heart of Life itself. We are not lost souls seeking salvation or striving to be what we already are. We were created as spiritual beings complete with Divine Intelligence. We need no one to save, fix, rescue or convert us from peripheral forces. We must own our free will and the universal spark of creation that we embody to speak truth to power with a unified voice.

This is our moment to step outside of all human struggle and chaos and move into our highest potential. The seed of the Creator lives within all of us, and that seed contains the same life force that created each and every soul. When we recognize this as truth, we will be liberated from the illusion of being separated, abandoned, or punished by our Creator. It is time to wake up to who we truly are and realize the unimaginable breadth of our spirit to lift our brothers and sisters and restore our planet. Then the suffering and the sense of powerlessness will end for all people.

At this time on Earth, the spirit of feminine power is rising, and it is replete with wisdom, compassion, and soulful understanding. Women carry and deliver our future in the children they bear. So it is essential that we honor women beyond the role of mother and daughter as they are re-emerging as an integral and dynamic force in every aspect of our lives. Their time has come to stand side by side with men as equals, honored, respected and valued for their much needed voice in shaping our world. As this balance occurs, true leaders, many of them women, will emerge to grace the world stage.

And so, it is our time to celebrate the ascension into our true nature. It is time for the great awakening as we walk the walk, hand in hand as one into our destiny. Our spiritual evolution is the unfolding of the Divine Plan and there is but one choice for each of us: Sever the chord to our dark history and follow your heart into the light. Let us all come together as one luminous force to blaze a new beginning sharing the unlimited blessings and potential of our collective spirit. It is time for reconciliation and forgiveness between all people and all nations. Now is the time to fulfill our true nature and live the dream of peace on earth as one race, one family, one world, one light, and one spirit. We are all part of each other and co-creators of our future. It is up to us to implement the divine plan with love, compassion and service for our highest good for ourselves and future generations.