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Seminars designed to open your heart, awaken your soul & empower your life’s journey



The power of creation aka cosmic life force lies dormant within each and every soul. It has been called Shakti-Kundalini, the indwelling spirit and the Sleeping Giant. Once awakened, it becomes the renewing fire of the Holy Spirit and the path of return to your authentic self. In the Lord’s Prayer, it is referred to as the “daily bread.” For it is the grace of the divine feminine that will deeply nourish your body and soul as you ascend into higher levels of spiritual consciousness to know your self.

  • Learn the breathing technique practiced by the ascended ones
  • Master the art of surrender, the ultimate key to self-empowerment
  • Safely raise the Kundalini Force to clear karmic blocks.

Once activated, Kundalini burns off karma, while removing the blockages in your low self and integrates your chakra system. Special attention will be given to restoring the pineal gland function along with foods that feed and nourish it.

Demo will anchor and dispense the Shakti Kundalini, blending it with each participants own kundalini which will facilitate the ascension process of awakening and spiritual rebirth.

“I love Demo’s classes. He’s taught me to open my consciousness and to embrace the divine power within me. I am so grateful for his help in chipping away my fear of being unloved, which kept me from unlocking my true potential.  A year later, I am in a completely different place, with a newly created business that offers Reiki for Animals and humans. Demo is a pure soul, with an incredible soothing voice that really helps me to let go and deepen my meditation practice as well.”

~ Anne Quick, Reiki Healer





Meditation and Inner Guidance to Clarify Your Soul’s Journey

Your higher self is the overseeing guardian of your soul that brings forth new life and the way to spiritual rebirth. It loves you unconditionally and is your higher power that aids, guides, heals and protects you. Your higher self holds the template for ascension into your divine nature. It has unbelievable scope and power to restore the radiance to your soul and open the pathway to create your spiritual destiny.

  • Journey through a guided meditation designed to connect with your higher self
  • Find your true purpose in being here directly from your luminous presence aka your the guru within
  • Identify major life lessons
  • Embrace the gifts you have been uniquely blessed with to fulfill you destiny.

“My first experience with Demo’s teaching was based on accessing my higher self. I gained extraordinary insight into my life and how to harness this energy which exists in all of us. He carries enormous wisdom coupled with the ability to enthusiastically teach and share his gift.”

~ Georgianna Koulianos




the spirit of prosperity


Prosperity is a natural state of being. It exists on 4 levels: Physically, as radiant health and financial well being – Emotionally, as self-worth and happiness – Mentally, as clarity and peace of mind, and Spiritually, as the alignment of your soul purpose with compassion and true power.

This seminar will reveal the universal keys to manifestation. It will provide the tools to ignite the fire of creation within enabling you to awaken your consciousness and enrich your life on all levels of prosperity.

  • Unlock the “Creation Code” to reclaim your spiritual endowment as a co-creator with the creator and manifest the life you choose
  • Dissolve lack, limitation, scarcity and struggle on a cellular level with the “Violet Flame Meditation” and create a chamber of abundance within
  • Witness an instantaneous demonstration of the alchemical power of the spoken word to shift you energetically for success
  • Merge the 3 levels of consciousness in your heart to create a unified force field and manifest magnificently, magically & miraculously
  • Embrace the universal supply & learn techniques for attracting money
  • Consciously seed your subconscious mind to successfully realize your goals and desires with a step by step visualization technique
  • Create flow, synchronicity & rapid manifestation with a 3rd eye method

Prosperity comes from doing what you love and loving what you do. Love and money show how you give and receive, or how you withhold and deny yourself. Abundance is a reflection your self-worth and is equal to your connection to the source and how you value yourself.”

“Abundance is divine law and yours to command!”



The final healing for all relationships


Freeing yourself from guilt & shame,
Taking back your power

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