Meditation: A Way to Enhance Thyroid Awareness from the Inside Out


Holtorf Medical Group is a network of practices that focus on achieving healthy hormonal balance. Founded by Dr. Kent Holtorf, the practices specialize in helping thyroid patients — as well as people with adrenal, sex hormone, and other imbalances — get back to a place of good health and balance.

They did an excellent article, in honor of Thyroid Awareness Month, that focuses on the role that meditation can play in overall health. The piece begins:

“January is Thyroid Awareness Month – a month typically focused on promoting increased visibility and awareness of thyroid issues. But what if during this Thyroid Awareness Month, in addition to helping spread the word and make more people aware of thyroid disease, thyroid patients also took the opportunity to turn their focus inward? One way to accomplish this inward focus is meditation….

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