The Emotional Root Cause of Thyroid Disease:

Demo DiMartile

You are never given anything in life that you cannot handle. Everyone comes into this lifetime with a psychic wound that needs to be healed in order to transcend the struggle, evolve and grow. When you embrace the wound, it becomes a gift and the very thing that will make you whole. If you see the wound as a stigma, and you are ashamed of it, you cannot truly belong to yourself or anyone else. Shame breeds the fear of not belonging. It disconnects you from yourself and makes you feel undeserving and afraid of being seen or heard.

Shame is the emotional root cause of thyroid disease, and shame causes deep seated feelings of unworthiness. Unworthiness produces a lack of self-acceptance and self- esteem, and it can be summed up by an overall feeling of “I’m not good enough.” which leaves you in an state of constant insecurity. Fear disconnects you from your courage, your core beliefs and numbs your instincts. The psychological effects of the internal struggle with unworthiness triggers disturbances within your thyroid function which can leave you, stressed out, overwhelmed and constantly feeling vulnerable.

Shame also creates guilt and guilt locks you into beliefs that keep you hostage to inequality. You know the cliches, “It’s a Man’s World.” which means men control it… and… everything in it.

“Women are the weaker sex.” “Men take care of women.” and “women are dependent upon men.” In the work place, men are valued more than women and paid more for the same types of jobs that women can easily perform. The message is, women are lesser than men and don’t deserve the same pay. Therefore, women are not equal… and anyway, men are more intelligent than women even though women have higher IQ’s.

Male dominance has oppressed women for ages. Shaming is an abusive and traumatic form of control. It has been used to belittle, degrade, humiliate, harass, intimidate, and put women down. Women are seldom respected for their point of view, and they have little voice to be heard, or validated.

When you loose your voice, you loose your self, and when you feel your story is not worthy of being told, you stop dreaming.

But take heart! This is the Age of awakening and Women are about to take back the mantle of power. In a very short time, it will no longer be a Man’s world as Women rise into positions of power.

The physiology of the human body reveals the exquisite intelligence behind its design. The thyroid gland, crafted in the shaped of a butterfly, sits on the windpipe just above the thymus gland and below the voice box. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and transcendence. It evolves from the vulnerable earth bound caterpillar and transforms itself into a butterfly.

It is a fitting symbol for the thyroid’s function which is to transform food into life sustaining energy.

In spiritual anatomy, the thymus gland is considered the etheric heart. It is the place from which intent emanates and fosters courage, compassion, and forgiveness which are essential for healthy thyroid function and a healthy self esteem. The voice box produces sound vibration which is an amplification of the soul’s intent to give voice to your inalienable right to speak your truth and be heard. When shame and unworthiness inhabit your soul, they inhibit your voice and disturb thyroid function. A repressed voice needs to be owned and expressed. There is one qualification, that the voice be spoken with courage, compassion and forgiveness… not shame, anger or retaliation.

There are over 50 million American Women who suffer from thyroid disease. They are at the end of the chrysalis stage of transformation in their evolution and on the verge of ascending into their spiritual power. Imagine 50 million Women embracing their psychic wound and coming together empowered as one voice to prepare the way for future generations of women to speak their hearts and minds with dignity and self respect. Reclaim your inner voice and you’ll regain your self worth. This is the Women’s way to self empowerment and liberation.

Your inner voice speaks to you through gut feelings, and you reclaim your inner voice by listening to and trusting your feelings. Acting upon your feelings substantiates self worth, and strengthens your inner resolve. It is through your empathy that you derive passion, strength, self validation and regain your outer voice. Fearlessly make the commitment to speak up, and speak out. Own your self worth and demand nothing less than equality. That is your birth right.

What follows is meditation, not medication and there is a great difference between healing from within and treating symptoms. Meditation goes to the root cause of disease, releases stress and  restores balance. Medication treats the effects not the cause of dis-ease. Meditation is one of the most powerful and restorative practices for opening your heart, overcoming stress, promoting peace of mind and emotional well being. Meditation connects you to the deepest parts of your soul where all true healing takes place, and It is the connection with your soul that gives validation, purpose and a sense of belonging to life.

Meditation brings you directly into the heart of your subconscious mind which is the master control center for all bodily functions, all glands, all organs and all systems. The subconscious holds the blueprint for radiant health, and holds the internal code to reestablish harmony and balance.

The human body is a highly sophisticated creation that is engineered for self-healing. Everything in the body is set up to self correct and sustain vibrant health and well being.

Here is a free 6-minute sample of Thyroid Meditation. . The full 30-minute guided meditation is available as downloadable MP3 and CD.

Please use headphones or buds for the best listening experience.





Are you always feeling tired, sometimes wired and most often uninspired? Over 60 million Americans suffer from some form of insomnia or experience restless nights. Sleep deprivation is a living nightmare! Overtime, it can significantly weaken your immune system with serious consequences to your health that can lead to habitual sleeplessness, high blood pressure, and arrhythmia.


Lack of sleep increases stress levels and decreases your energy, endurance and resilience. Stress and anxiety upset the adrenal function, which over-produces cortisol and adrenaline and sends your hormonal system on the dreaded rollercoaster ride. Excessive cortisol reeks havoc on your thyroid gland and its function to regulate metabolism, breakdown fats and convert food into revitalizing energy. A dysfunctional Thyroid gland results in fatigue and lethargy which create sugar cravings that lead to unwanted weight gain.


Loss of sleep is the root cause of restlessness, irritability, and agitation. Sleepless nights upsets the body’s acid-alkaline balance essential for good health. When the body becomes acidic it is a precursor to arthritic pain and gradually accelerates the aging process.


Inadequate Sleep results in depression, apathy, brain fog, and dulls your cognitive function leading to forgetfulness and obsessive thinking. Poor sleep effects you ability to focus and impairs judgement. It also mutes imagination, creativity and your inner voice. Sleepless nights deplete your energy reserve and negatively impact daytime productivity, self-confidence and self-image. It can also dampens your Libido. You are simply not at your best.


A good night’ sleep refuels every gland, and organ in your body on a deep cellular level to enhance the quality of your life. Quality sleep promotes a healthy body, a clear mind and an enthusiastic spirit.

Sleep is food for your soul. Quality Sleep nourishes the body, calms the mind and is essential for replenishing your core energy. Deep sleep resets your biological clock to produce new brain cells that bring back a lively awareness to your mind and a super positive outlook to your life.


Sleep is a habit. Besides diet and exercise, we all need quality restorative sleep to function at our best. If you don’t have a good nights sleep you’ll experience tossing and turning, inability to turn off mind and compulsive thinking,frequently waking up and not able to get back to seep. Habits can be changed.


Your Pineal Gland is the most important gland for sleep. The gland sits in the center of your brain. It is called “the fountain of youth” because the gland secretes both serotonin and melatonin hormones. Serotonin influences billions of brain cells and regulates all hormones to preserve the body’s balance and sustain its energy throughout the day. At bedtime, and during meditation, the pineal gland releases melatonin, and melatonin regulates the sleep cycle and helps move you through the 4- stages of sleep. As we age the pineal gland becomes calcified largely due to fluoride in our water system and in toothpaste. Calcification diminishes the pineal gland’s effectiveness in supplying melatonin for deep restful rejuvenating sleep. Humming and chanting help to decalcify the pineal gland.


  • Eat a light and early dinner.
  • Take a walk. Light exercise, stretching or yoga after dinner helps digestion.
  • Refrain from alcohol and caffeine 5 hours before bedtime.
  • Turn off all blue light devices such as computers, cell phones, TV, and Tablets 1 hour before bedtime. They send a message to the brain that it is not time for sleep and inhibit the release of melatonin.
  • A dark room sends a message to your pineal gland that it is time to sleep.
  • Use a face mask to keep out light and get at least 8 hours of quality sleep.
  • Sleep in a clean tidy room with fresh linens.
  • Never go to bed angry.

Deep Sleep Guided Meditation

ultimate deep sleep experience image

The Ultimate Deep Sleep Experience is a powerful guided meditation that can help you achieve an exceptional good night’s sleep. It was designed to assist you in releasing the accumulated stress of your day and quell the relentless mind chatter that prevents you from relaxing into a deep, sound, restful sleep. It also contains a Transition Technique to help you in letting go of the thoughts of the day.

10 Reasons Guided Meditations Will Help You to Be Your Best


When you think about meditation, you probably picture yourself sitting uncomfortably on the floor for hours. This is not an appealing or even a feasible option for most of us living busy lives. You don’t need a rigorous, time-consuming practice to feel the many proven and life-changing benefits of meditation. And you don’t need costly or extensive training in meditation techniques. Guided meditation provides all the benefits of meditation so you can simply relax anywhere you are comfortable — in bed, on a sofa, in a chair, on a beach, even in a hammock — and just listen.

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons guided meditations will help you feel and be your best, everyday.

Stress Reduction: Guided meditation brings your body, mind and spirit into an alignment which significantly reduces stress. It calms your nervous system, quiets your mind chatter, and relaxes your muscles. Guided Meditation melts away emotional distress and reduces cellular oxidation which is a major cause of disease.

Positive Mood: Guided meditation decreases feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, confusion, and unworthiness. Actually guided meditation promotes positive emotions including confidence, happiness, enthusiasm, self-acceptance and mindfulness. It helps balance your neurotransmitters, bringing you greater calm while enhancing intimacy, passion and motivation.

Immune Health: Guided meditation stimulates your thymus gland. This gland regulates your body’s immune defense system by boosting white cells to fight off disease and infection in order to sustain optimal health.

Healing: Guided meditation triggers your body’s natural abilities to heal itself. It promotes a deep inner peace and self-esteem so you will feel physically healthy and strong.

Hormonal Balance: Guided meditation has a powerful effect on your entire endocrine gland system, regulating hormonal balance within your adrenal, thyroid and sex glands.

Aging Backward: Guided meditation promotes the reproduction of new cells and helps repair damaged telomeres on your old cells, thereby turning back the clock on aging.

Heart Health: Guided meditation has physical and emotional benefits to your heart. It improves your heart health, and can significantly decrease your risk of heart attack by as much as half. Emotionally it promotes an open heartedness and cultivates compassion and acceptance.

Less Inflammation: Guided meditation oxygenates your cells, decreasing inflammation in your body which is a precursor to many diseases including cancer and arthritis. Diseases cannot flourish or spread when cells are properly oxygenated. A healthy body thrives when the acid /alkaline balance is sustained at a ratio of 20% acid/80% alkaline.

Better Restorative Sleep: Guided meditation improves the quality of your sleep, giving your body the significant time it needs to restore and re-energize itself. With quality sleep comes clarity of mind

Wholeness: Guided meditation opens your heart, allowing you to live in the moment with courage and conviction. It empowers you to take control of your well-being, while embracing life with a clear sense of purpose. Meditation is the path to wholeness and enables you to be your very best.


Releasing Stress For Greater Success


Everyone wants to be a success in life, but it definitely comes with a price. It seems the more you strive to reach our goals, the more stress you encounter.

Stress saps your efforts, dulls productivity and it is the root cause of so many health problems and so much unhappiness.

Why? Because stress is rooted in fear. Whether it be a fear of failure or fear of success, fear of lack, rejection, being bullied or not being good enough, fear eats away at self-esteem causing an internal conflict and a belief that life is a struggle. Struggle implies you are working against yourself and that inevitably disconnects you from yourself. Struggle blinds you to the inner resources that keep you true to yourself and makes you look for success, love and happiness outside of yourself and in all the wrong places.

There is a powerful remedy for stress and that is Meditation. Meditation is the key to handling both the stress and the struggle and helps you to master deep relaxation. This is not another another technique you have to learn. This is guided meditation. Meditation helps brings you back to your authentic self. It reconnects you to your core power by enabling you to be successful, thrive and enjoy the journey.

Let’s look at the elements of meditation that produce relaxation and will help you to overcome the stress and struggle by getting you back in touch with your innate power.


Yes Breath! Have you ever noticed when you’re stressed out or uptight, you’ll hold your breath or in some cases stop breathing?

Breath fuels life. When you breathe in, your breath carries the life renewing oxygen that enlivens and energizes your cells. As you breathe out, your breath releases the pent-up pressure and accumulated stress stored in the cells and relaxes your entire body.

For the purposes of mastering deep relaxation, the longer your exhalation the deeper your relaxation. The deeper your relaxation, the more you will release stress. The more you release tension and stress, the more you will regain inner peace. When you are at peace with yourself, you will flow with the natural rhythms of life. And that means you are reconnected to yourself and your power.


Love has no fear!

When you Consciously connect to your heart, you’ll begin to experience being in the moment. As you inhale fully and exhale completely, you’ll begin to open your heart to embrace the love that you’ve been given and the love that you have to give.

Love is the essence of who you are. As your breath and your love intertwine, they creating an energetic shift that allows you to surrender your ego. Surrender is not giving up. Rather it is letting go of your analytical mind so that you can relax and embrace life from love. In other words, you are shifting your awareness from thinking into being. It takes courage to lead from your heart.

This practice is used by the masters to relax deeply and move into a place of self mastery and wholeness. Love is wholeness and has a magnetic resonance that will raise your vibration dramatically to evolve your soul and enliven you spiritually.


As you breathe in, you are sending life force into your tissues. As you slowly exhale, you will release the built up lactic acid stored in your muscles and melt the tension and stress away. You’ll begin to relax as your muscles loosen and your body sinks slowly into the chair dissolving any and all stress.


Breathing in, you’ll continue to use the revitalizing power of you breath to calm down your nervous system. As you breathe out, you’re nerves will unwind, let go and release all the pressure and tension. You’ll decompress as your nerves relax, dropping the resistance and dissolving the stress away.


Breath has a profound effect on your mind. As you breathe into your brain, it will soften and turn down the mental chatter. As you exhale, your mind settles down becoming clear and focused and you’ll experience what is called mindfulness.

At this point your body is relaxed. Your nerves are calm and your mind becomes still, clear and peaceful. A sense of calm comes over you as you go deeper and deeper into relaxation.

You’re mind begins receding from the outer world. You’ll start to detach from all problems, letting go of all worries and doubts, and tuning out the tapes in your head.

You’ll begin drifting away as you enter into that quiet solitude within where you feel relaxed, in harmony and at peace with yourself. You are drifting to the shores of your subconscious mind and approaching the gateway to inner peace. Moving into the realm of personal power fully integrated in your body, mind, and spirit, you are now ready to tap the rejuvenating powers of deep relaxation


Meditation brings you directly into the depths of your subconscious mind which is the master control center for improving your life. The subconscious is your inner genie and holds the blueprint for mastering deep relaxation and being successful. It also contains the internal code for programming your beliefs for success without the stress. Whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve so long as you believe. The power of your mind is extraordinary.


You have now accessed the power of your creative mind, which is the seat of all inspiration and unlimited possibilities. Drawing from that power, you can now embrace your internal genie knowing that you are the master of your life and circumstances. As you immerse yourself in the feeling that you are fearless and free, whatever decisions you make, they will be will made with clarity and conviction and be the right ones for you! 


Now project a positive self image on the screen of your imagination. See yourself as confident, enthusiastic, self-reliant, persistent, and resilient. Know that your desires fuel your passion and desire infused with passion sets into motion the Universal Law of Attraction.

As you continually focus on your self image, you will see that your beliefs, habits and actions conform precisely to your self-image. As you sow in your subconscious mind so shall you reap in your outer world and circumstances. That’s how it works

Remain persistent, independent and decisive in all your actions. You’ll feel your confidence and self-reliance surging up in your soul and moving into your body as you reclaim the courage of your conviction and trust yourself.

Keep a positive attitude at all times and determine to bring forth your best. Intend to give your very best always. And in return you shall reap positive and beneficial results in your body, in your mind and in your life experiences.


Inhale another a full breath up into the frontal lobe of your brain. This activates the Joy Center. Exhale completely, and let your joy freely circulate throughout your being. You’ll feel good in your body, your mind and in your emotions.

Joy infuses your heart with gratitude, and gratitude sets your spirit free. Send a smile of loving approval down to your heart to light up your life and lovingly accept yourself. It’s what you want most of all, to accept yourself.

The goal of meditation is to have greater control over your life. The extraordinary benefit of guided meditation is an experience of greater peace, self-acceptance, and self-reliance. Mastering deep relaxationis a powerful way to regain the exhilarating joy of living fully with less stress and more success.