10 Reasons Guided Meditations Will Help You to Be Your Best


When you think about meditation, you probably picture yourself sitting uncomfortably on the floor for hours. This is not an appealing or even a feasible option for most of us living busy lives. You don’t need a rigorous, time-consuming practice to feel the many proven and life-changing benefits of meditation. And you don’t need costly or extensive training in meditation techniques. Guided meditation provides all the benefits of meditation so you can simply relax anywhere you are comfortable — in bed, on a sofa, in a chair, on a beach, even in a hammock — and just listen.

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons guided meditations will help you feel and be your best, everyday.

Stress Reduction: Guided meditation brings your body, mind and spirit into an alignment which significantly reduces stress. It calms your nervous system, quiets your mind chatter, and relaxes your muscles. Guided Meditation melts away emotional distress and reduces cellular oxidation which is a major cause of disease.

Positive Mood: Guided meditation decreases feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, confusion, and unworthiness. Actually guided meditation promotes positive emotions including confidence, happiness, enthusiasm, self-acceptance and mindfulness. It helps balance your neurotransmitters, bringing you greater calm while enhancing intimacy, passion and motivation.

Immune Health: Guided meditation stimulates your thymus gland. This gland regulates your body’s immune defense system by boosting white cells to fight off disease and infection in order to sustain optimal health.

Healing: Guided meditation triggers your body’s natural abilities to heal itself. It promotes a deep inner peace and self-esteem so you will feel physically healthy and strong.

Hormonal Balance: Guided meditation has a powerful effect on your entire endocrine gland system, regulating hormonal balance within your adrenal, thyroid and sex glands.

Aging Backward: Guided meditation promotes the reproduction of new cells and helps repair damaged telomeres on your old cells, thereby turning back the clock on aging.

Heart Health: Guided meditation has physical and emotional benefits to your heart. It improves your heart health, and can significantly decrease your risk of heart attack by as much as half. Emotionally it promotes an open heartedness and cultivates compassion and acceptance.

Less Inflammation: Guided meditation oxygenates your cells, decreasing inflammation in your body which is a precursor to many diseases including cancer and arthritis. Diseases cannot flourish or spread when cells are properly oxygenated. A healthy body thrives when the acid /alkaline balance is sustained at a ratio of 20% acid/80% alkaline.

Better Restorative Sleep: Guided meditation improves the quality of your sleep, giving your body the significant time it needs to restore and re-energize itself. With quality sleep comes clarity of mind

Wholeness: Guided meditation opens your heart, allowing you to live in the moment with courage and conviction. It empowers you to take control of your well-being, while embracing life with a clear sense of purpose. Meditation is the path to wholeness and enables you to be your very best.