Thyroid Meditation

thyroid-med-coverOne Light One Spirit’s guided “Thyroid Meditation” is designed for women – who are the primary sufferers of thyroid disease. Addressing the energetic and spiritual influences on women’s health, thyroid disease and hormone balance, the meditation brings in all three levels of consciousness — subconscious, conscious and super conscious — to help listeners restore balance and wellbeing by harnessing the healing force within.

According to best-selling author and nationally known thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon, “Demo DiMartile of One Light One Spirit has created a wonderful tool that we as thyroid patients can add to our toolbox of approaches to help achieve optimal health and wellness. While drugs and treatments address certain aspects of disease, the thyroid meditation brings holistic healing into the picture, and adds a sense of peace, greater self-awareness, and trust in the body’s own ability to improve and heal. I highly recommend it for any woman with a thyroid condition who wants to incorporate positive self-healing approaches into her life.”

Read Mary Shomon’s Q&A with Demo DiMartile now.

Over fifty million women suffer from thyroid conditions. This unique meditation helps women get in touch with the issues that contribute to thyroid dysfunction, and offers a meditative approach to self-healing and thyroid balance.

The 30-minute audio program is available as a downloadable MP3, or as a CD. Get it now at CD Baby.

This audio/video offers a 5-minute sample of the full meditation.

Please use headphones or earbuds for the best listening experience

REVIEWS: What Listeners are Saying About the Thyroid Meditation

Thyroid Meditation not only took me *there* through Demo DiMartile’s guidance, but the gorgeous music brought me to a level I had only dreamed of experiencing! The healing properties in his message are obvious and palpable…and the music is the thing that absolutely activates the concepts. Mastering Deep Relaxation is a great entry point for the Thyroid Meditation to be even more effective. I truly feel myself growing and healing!
– Anne P

(I want to share this amazing story sent to me from a very powerful Native American Medicine Women.)

I listened to your Thyroid Meditation twice. The first listening experience, I seemed to be resonating with your words and your voice. (By the way, both are beautiful and authentically moving). Subsequently, I felt emotionally empowered. The second time I was able to allow the energy in it’s purest form to work it’s magic. After the second meditation I was relaxed and in good spirits. The next day I had more energy. The day after that, I had my blood tested and found that my thyroid is operating within normal range. I am not overweight but feel a few extra pounds hanging around that I don’t particularly care for. They are falling away now without dieting. With harmony and love you have chosen to give this healing gift and with harmony and love I have received it. Many blessings to you as the essence of your mother lives on through your heart and your further endeavors to bring healing to so many who are in need. Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude.
~Woneeya Thundering Hawk

Demo, your Thyroid Meditation is wonderful! Your voice is so soothing, your message so healing. It is very calming, “centering” and, I believe, very healing. The meditation really allowed me to go deeper into my own meditative space.When your guided meditation ended, I remained in silent meditation for another half hour – it was wonder-filled. – The music has a beautiful transcendent quality. It was truly lovely meeting you and experiencing your healing energy! I thank you and wish you health and spiritual wellness always. Pace sempre,
~ Linda Green

I use your Thyroid Meditation daily and it brought me through the worst of my thyroid issues to being fully healed! Thank you Demo.
~ Cindy Hansen

Dearest Demo, 10 years ago, I stood at the door of departure faced with the grim prognosis that I wouldnʼt make it. You reminded me that I have free will, and if I chose to overcome my heart problem, I would. You guided me in opening my heart to embrace the love within me, make peace with myself and everyone else that I needed to, and I would be met by divine providence. And I was. I am now 80 and still kicking. Currently, Iʼve been working with your Thyroid Meditation and have been able to stay upright and get through everything. I consider that a miracle. Your voice carries a resonance of pure love and spiritual integrity and centers me in peace. I find it very balancing. Even with the additional stress of flood damage, my lab reports improved. So, I wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for making this wonderful tape, in concert with the Divine, to assist in my healing and empowering others as well. Many blessing to you.
~ Bernadette Aukward

I bought the Thyroid Meditation two days ago. I have been meditating for long time with various types of music or on my own. But this one was so profound. I could see myself liberating out of all the accumulated stress, shame, guilt – what so ever that would have been embedded in my cells over the years. I couldn’t control my tears whenever I did it. I assume that is part of healing. As of now I am thrilled to share the feel of the 30 min meditation that is so healing, liberating and at the end leaves me in a very peaceful happy mood. I started trusting already that this is going to change me forever.) Thanks.
~ Lacheses Nyx, Bangalore, India (Reviewed on Amazon)

UPDATE. I took the thyroid test, and it has come down to a value of 3, which was 10 earlier. I owe a lot to this meditation which has taken me through a very tough phase to get back to normalcy. Thank you so very much for getting me back on the path. Namaste.
~ Lachesis Nyx Bangalore, India

Greetings from Canada; I found your spiritual healing for women and thyroid so beautiful; thank you for your kind words and wonderful healing. Cheers.
~ Adriana Vani

The 30-minute Thyroid Meditation audio program is available as a downloadable MP3, or as a CD. Get it now at CD Baby.

One thought on “Thyroid Meditation

  1. I first saw Demo at a thyroid lecture of Mary Shomon’s. I had to admit that I wasn’t a “believer” at first, but I downloaded the thyroid meditation anyway, thinking I didn’t have much to lose. I love it! I put my iphone under my pillow when I go to sleep and I play Demo’s meditation and I really believe it affects me on many different levels, hearing it in my conscious and sub-conscious. I think it will benefit everyone; I am a bit cynical about this stuff, but I feel it affects me profoundly since I wake up feeling especially positive when I listen to this!

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